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Why choose TRAPT Technologies Canada


We Listen

Knowing our Clients as well as being part of the Law Enforcement Community ensures we understand your requirements to seek approvals in order to purchase products. This allows us to communicate effectively by providing all the information up front ensuring a seamless and effortless acquisition

We Communicate

We will ensure a smooth and easy product evaluation, by assisting your department throughout the procurement process and after sales service. We have technical and weapons expertise to assist with unforeseeable repairs of your equipment providing a fast turn around time. Our toll free number will allow you to communicate with us at anytime, no matter where you are in Canada.

We Deliver Results

We bring vast experience with the procurement processes of Canada for Municipal, Provincial, Federal governments.

Our logistics expertise allows us to ship products safely and quickly even to the most remote areas of Canada.

Our Weapons Technician can assist you with any questions regarding equipment and training.


Call Toll Free Across Canada 


or email us,

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