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How Can We Help Your Officers Today ? 



Our Services & Commitment

TRAPT got the BolaWrap Remote Restraint Device Approved and Classified within 8 months in Canada whereas it took Taser almost 12 years.    

We Supply Products and Service for Canadian Police Personal Protection 





We are constantly researching new innovative ideas, improving on existing designs and creating new technology in order to reduce the risks to Our Canadian Police Officers 

We only sell to Canadian Law Enforcement Agencies and not to the general public. We ensure the integrity of designs and the secrecy of information to protect all Canadian Peace Officers from compromise. 

Schedule a demonstration or training session at your facility, or ours, for the equipment we supply.  We can provide on-site or virtual training.

Our Commitment to You

We service what we sell. We install what we sell. 

We warranty what we sell and most of all, we will work with your department to ​ensure you get the best quality products when you need them.

Our Corporate Policy

To ensure the health & safety of every person being trained and in using our products.  To provide your agency with the best professional sales and service in the industry at all times, from the beginning, so that our relationships will never end. 

Our Service Policy

We will always ensure to provide due diligence in repairing items sent to us that have been damaged from use in order to avoid unnecessary replacement costs to your department and the taxpayer. We will inspect the item and ensure its integrity to initiate a repair, test the repaired item within our facility by trained and certified Technicians then stamp the item accordingly that it is ready for service before any Peace Officer utilizes the item for personal safety.

Social Media Marketing

We will only utilize social media to advertise our company with the products we carry and not disclose any information on our clients in whole or in part, at any time, without express written permission of the respective Canadian Law Enforcement Agency.


Schedule a Demonstration or Training Session.

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